Starting at $250.00

We can develop amazing looking ecommerce websites for you with WordPress and WooCommerce. WordPress ecommerce websites are popular because they are relatively inexpensive to build, in comparison with Magento, and easy to manage.

WordPress ecommerce websites are beautiful and the perfect solution for people, with a limited budget, who want to start operating an internet store.


WordPress ecommerce solutions are suitable for entrepreneurs:

  • With a small budget who still want to make a amazing online store.
  • Who are not so good with computers but would still like to maintain their website.without having to involve a third party
  • That have a small product assortment.
  • Who, in the future, want to add extra functionality to their shop for reasonable and low price.


What should you consider when buying a WordPress shop?

  • When managing thousands of products WordPress websites can become awkward.
  • WordPress has a tendency to slow down when you add lots of extra functionalities.
  • Some advanced features are not possible with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Basic WordPress ecommerce package:

For as low as $250 we can develop a basic WordPress store for you.
A basic WordPress store is suitable for entrepreneurs who want a professional shop for a competitive price.
What do you get with a basic WordPress ecommerce package?

Standard WordPress features:

  • Text Pages
  • Contact Pages
  • Product Information Pages
  • Product Sliders
  • Product Categories
  • A Shopping Cart
  • PDF Invoice
  • Sisow Connection (iDeal)
  • Social Media Follow Us Icons
  • Billing Statement in the Magento Admin
  • Order list in the Magento Admin

Basic WordPress configuration

Of course it’s important that your WordPress shop gets configured after installation. We make sure that your WordPress store is 100% operational after delivery.


  • PDF Invoice
  • Tax Rates
  • Shipping Countries
  • Shipping Costs
  • Product Inventory

Theme & Design

Choose from hundreds of design options at the Divi theme of ElegantThemes. These design options are all smartphone and tablet ready.

Installed Plugins

With the default WordPress installation of $250 we will install all the plugins for you.

Explanation & Training

After the completion of your website, we can help you with virtual training and explanation about the workings of the WordPress admin panel. The costs are € 20.00 per hour..

WordPress Shop Options

We have made an overview of the configuration options you have when creating WordPress web shops with the WooCommerce plugin