We are having a simple pricing system where you pay for the functionalities and the services which you need. We have chosen this method in order to provide low cost solutions to customers with a tight budget and premium solutions for customers who are looking for quality.

WordPress functions

$99,99              Basic WordPress installation

$150,00           Child theme set up


                         Instagram wall

                         Security package

                         Backup package

User account

    1. Create invoice
    2. Send invoice to customer by email with payment link
    3. Customer clicks on link and comes to website and pays invoice online

Cam function

    1. Contact customer through support (video)
    2. Load money to wallet
    3. Receive video or screen sharing support

ECommerce (WooCommerce) functions

$150,00     WooCommerce installation and configuration

                  Google shopping


                  Google store

Hosting & domain name solutions

$30,00 Unmanaged shared hosting (per year)

$60,00 Semi managed shared hosting (per year)

$100,00 Managed shared hosting (per year)

$10,00 Shared managed pro hosting (per month / AWS)

$20,00 managed pro hosting (per month / AWS)

$40,00 unmanaged dedicated server

$100,00 semi managed dedicated server

Readymade packages

$99,99      Basic WordPress

€249,99    Pro WordPress (child theme + newsletter + social media + back up)

$149,99    Directory website

$249,99    Basic WooCommerce ECommerce

$249,99    Basic realtor website

$249,99    Basic magazine website

$249,99    BBpress forum website

$350,00    BB forum website

$450,00    Basic Real Estate Directory

$450,00    Basic city directory website

$450,00    Basic classifieds website

$450,00    BuddyPress dating website

$150,00    Payment Gateway Integration