Magento is suitable for entrepreneurs:

  • Find themselves good with computers and can handle or plan to outsource the maintenance shop.
  • That want a shop with thousands of products and want the set up of the site to keep things simple for their clients.
  • That want products to sell in bundles and often want to offer discounts.
  • Also want the shop to have an administration of the store (billing + inventory) and the shop to be capable of being streamlined.

What should you consider when buying a Magento shop?


  • Magento web shops are more expensive to purchase compared with WordPress web shops.
  • Magento require more computer skills in management compared to a WordPress shop.
  • Extensions of your Magento shop (plugins) cost money.

Magento based packet

For as low as $900, we can develop a basic Magento for you.

A basic Magento is suitable for entrepreneurs who want a professional shop for a competitive price.

Content of a Magento shop basic package:

  • Text pages
  • Contact pages
  • Product information pages
  • Products slider
    • product categories
    • a shopping cart
    • PDF invoice
    • Sisow connection (iDeal)
    • Social Media Follow us icons
    • Billing statement in the Magento admin
    • Order list in the Magento admin

    Sound interesting? Inquire about the possibilities of a Magento store!